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Just click, if you want to check Marta Hazas nude content

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Marta Hazas Cuesta born 31 December 1977 in Santander, Cantabria, Spain. Is a Spanish actress. She has a West Highland Terrier dog since 2011 named Robin. She married Javier Veiga on 1 October 2016 at Palacio de la Magdalena in Santander, Spain. The wedding was attended by Paula Echevarría and Cecilia Freire.

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She holds a degree in Information Science, she also has artistic training in Spanish dance and drama. She is a Spanish actress who has acted sporadically in shows like Aída, Los hombres de Paco, Cuéntame cómo pasó, “Paco y Veva”, Hospital Central, “El comisario” and Los Serrano. Her consecration was on the small screen with her role of Amelia Ugarte in the successful series of Antena 3 El Internado.

She was also in the series Gran Hotel with Yon González, Amaia Salamanca and Eloy Azorín, between others. She starred as lead in the daily television series Bandolera. Most recently she played a main role during four seasons in the series of Antena 3 Velvet with Cecilia Freire, Javier Rey, Paula Echevarría and Adrián Lastra.

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